Like a drop of golden sun

an awesome person who watches alot of awesome shows. Like: Doctor Who, Supernatural, White Collar, Downtown Abbey. Who also fangirls over extremely attractive men, like Hiddles, Matt Bomer, Aaron Tveit.



Typing an essay due tomorrow at 3 in the morning


never seen anything more accurate

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Scooby Doo is the most useless member of the scooby doo team why is the show named after him, the show should be called Velma

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"I just love bowls so much" [x]

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TDS | 2014.04.10 The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
"The exciting news today is, I no longer need a cable subscription for the privilege of watching Stephen Colbert."

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I wonder what song will get released this year that goes viral and becomes so annoying you want to stab a couch whenever you hear it

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Amy and I have never played charades.

Yeah, this is our first time

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