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an awesome person who watches alot of awesome shows. Like: Doctor Who, Supernatural, White Collar, Downtown Abbey. Who also fangirls over extremely attractive men, like Hiddles, Matt Bomer, Aaron Tveit.

Aaron Paul ‘outstanding supporting actor in a drama series

Anna Gunn ‘outstanding supporting actress in a drama series

Bryan Cranston ‘outstanding lead actor in a drama series

(BREAKING BAD) || 66th Primetime Emmy Awards

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When people compare the greatness that is The Simpsons to other animated shows like Family Guy it makes me want to set myself on fire

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David Tennant on the Pains of Abseiling

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Natalie Dormer looking fabulous at the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards 2014  [x]

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this is still the most frightening and powerful line of Season 4 and i don’t really think i need to explain why.

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People that get more credit than they deserve:

  • Christopher Columbus

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How Marvel Characters Eat Their Food [x]


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